Leveraging AI and blockchain technology to enhance existing books and make them accessible to everyone.


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Open Book AI offers generations of readers access to thousands of books, forever preserved on the Cardano blockchain for anyone to own and everyone to read. With our innovative use of technology, we are making it possible for readers of all walks of life to discover, own, and enjoy a vast collection of literary works.


Gone are the days of a dusty old book shelf. Our open access book collections are carefully curated from a collector's perspective. With a focus on historical works, our collections offer a unique glimpse into the past and an opportunity to own a piece of literary history.



AI Enthusiast's

We use AI to design captivating book covers that reflect the essence of each book. Our combination of human creativity and machine learning allows us to showcase the knowledge of each book on it’s cover.

Open Book AI Road Map

  • In this era our book collection is set to make its debut, showcasing 200 unique books with a postage stamp theme on the cover! To ensure its success, we will be establishing partnerships and creating an expansive marketing campaign.
  • This era will ramp up the production of books with historical significance. It will include 1,440 books in honor of the year Gutenberg popularized the printing press. Each book from this collection will have a comic book style cover.
  • The rotary press era has enabled the printing of books on a much larger scale, so we will be releasing 1,843 books in honor of the year that Richard March Hoe invented this revolutionary printing press. Each book in this collection will be designed in the style of another historical collectable.
  • The advent of screen printing has ushered in a new era of mass production of high-quality textile prints and art. In honor of this technological advancement, we are releasing a 1,910 books. These books will be designed in the style of another historical collectable.
  • The digital revolution has brought about the digitization of print media, offering increased efficiency and customization. This technology allows us to release the remaining books in the Open Book AI collection, which will all be illustrated as a historical collectable.
  • By utilizing the Cardano blockchain, we can ensure the utmost transparency, security, and permanence for our collection of open access knowledge and historical books. We are committed to continuously adding to this collection and making it available to all on the blockchain.

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